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Dartmoor was designated one of the National Parks of England and Wales in 1951. It is a beautiful moorland landscape with wooded valleys and wind swept Tors. 368 square miles (953 sq. km.) in area, with about 33,000 people living in it, and where about 10 million visits are made each year. All the land is owned by someone and the public is able to roam freely on unenclosed, open moorland on both foot and horseback. There are also about 600 miles (966 km) of public rights of way. Dartmoor is a rich habitat for wildlife and has a wealth of archaeological remains. Information from Dartmoor National Park Authority click on the web link for more details  

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Dartmoor National Park
Information Centres

in and around the National Park 


The National Park Authority manages and supports a network of Information Centres and Village Information Points throughout the Dartmoor area. Assistants are friendly local people, pleased to help with enquiries. 

The hub of the National Park Network is the High Moorland Visitor Centre which is open daily, the exceptions being Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day and one week in March.
The High Moorland Visitor Centre, Princetown

(open all year, closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day and one week in March)

(open 10am to 5pm through the peak season, 10am to 4pm in the winter)

Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF

Tel: 01822 890414
Fax: 01626 836001
(int.+44 1626 836001)
Email: hmvc@dartmoor-npa.gov.uk

Newbridge Information Centre (open Easter until the end of October and winter weekends)

(open 10am to 5pm throughout the peak season 10am to 4pm winter weekends)

Riverside Car Park with toilets.

Tel: 01364 631303
Email: newbridge@dartmoor-npa.gov.uk

Postbridge Information Centre (open Easter until the end of October, 10am to 5pm)

Haytor Information Centre (open Easter until the end of October, 10am to 5pm)

At the lower car park on the main road. Toilets with disabled access.

Tel: 01364 661520
Email: haytor@dartmoor-npa.gov.uk 

On B3212, large car park and toilets with disabled access.

Tel: 01822 880272
Email: postbridge@dartmoor-npa.gov.uk 
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